Art is an intimate journey of the artist and its subject. The philosophy in art often mimics the journey of life. It is through intimate observation of life, different exploration and learning curve that a painting is born. This is the belief that Alessia upholds when it comes to her artworks. Her fascination in painting started when she first laid her eyes on the old masters paintings. She loves the idea of translation and conversation of the two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality in a painting. Her inspirations are mainly founded in the passion of the old masters’ way of paintings, the techniques and the time consuming rendering of the reality. Verisimilitude is not just a mere stipulation, but an obsession for her. 

Through the process of painting, Alessia always finds various ways of explorations that paths the journey into a discovery of something new. It is a process. It is a journey. It is an exploration. It is ultimately a discovery of oneself and life.

Born in 1984, Alessia Levonique Candra started her fascination with oil painting at a young age. She is currently a practicing artist based in Singapore and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore. Prior to her pursue in arts, she studied commerce majoring in Accounting, Finance and Economics at Deakin University, Australia. 

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